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Appreciative of Compassionate Care Receved

Rimma Tyo

Rimma Tyo

My name is Rimma Tyo, I moved to the United States without family in 2000. I went to my family physician with complaints that resembled hemorrhoids’. I was treated for hemorrhoids and the symptoms remained. I was referred to Dr. Valerie Dyke of The Colorectal Institute. May 2012, Dr. Dyke told me that I had cancer. I felt that it couldn’t be true, as I have always taken good care of my self by eating healthy and by exercising.

Without insurance and the cost of the surgery and treatment, I decided I couldn’t afford to have the surgery and treatments but Dr. Dyke said no was not an option. So, with Dr. Dyke’s guidance, I was able to get my finances worked out so that I could have the needed surgery, chemo, radiation. Dr. Dyke put me in touch with a support group that has really helped me with the struggle of having cancer.

I am very thankful that Dr. Dyke was the physician that I was referred too. By July 2012 with the cancer removed, I was back to my normal life. This may have been a very short time, from the beginning to end of having cancer, but it was a very devastating time in my life.

Thank you Dr. Dyke, you have made a positive life-changing event in my life and I will always be grateful for your skills as a surgeon and for your compassion. You are an angel in this world and I am very lucky I met you in the most difficult time of my life.