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Broward County Medical Association

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Phone #: 954-714-9477
Fax #: 954-714-9289
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Broward County Medical Association

The Broward County Medical Association unites 1,700 allopathic and osteopathic physicians, of all specialties, as well as Physician Assistants, toward the fulfillment of a common goal:

  • To secure access to health care of the highest quality for the residents of Broward County.
  • To maintain the integrity of medical practice and care delivery for the citizens of Broward.
  • To advocate in legislative, regulatory, and economic forums for the interests of the patients of Broward County in securing and maintaining access to medical care of high quality from the physicians of their choice, and for the interests of practicing physicians in caring for their patients.

Sanford Silverman, M.D. is the President of The Broward County Medical Association.

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The Broward County Medical Association serves the entire county.