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Escambia w/Santa Rosa Med Soc

Site Type: CountyMedicalSocieties
Phone #: 850-478-0706
Fax #: 850-474-9783
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Escambia_Santa Rosa County Medical Society

The Escambia County Medical Society in Conjunction with Santa Rosa County [ECMS] is a local professional association of medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy (M.D.s & D.O.s), that addresses political, social and economic issues concerning the level and delivery of healthcare for patients and physicians. Started in 1873, the non-profit ECMS represents approximately 400+ physicians living or working in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties of Northwest Florida. TheECMS supports the Florida Medical Association (FMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

The staff of the business office fulfills the instructions of its board of directors to communicate, organize and facilitate the organization of quality healthcare and related issues for this area. Through the efforts of organized medicine, the goal is that all citizens of our community will enjoy quality healthcare.