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Friends In Medicine

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Application and Participation

Preferred Vendor Friends of Medicine members are contacted first when an opportunity arises to receive priority access to over 650 physicians, many of whom participate in a variety of LCMS events like general membership meetings, Wine Tasting, special occasions. This opportunity provides our Friends of Medicine with direct avenues for increased sales and exclusive psoitioning in your chosen events. Plus, as a Friends of Medicine member you will receive:

  • Your business name and a description of your specialservice(s) displayed in the Friends of Medicine flyer placed in every new member packet.
  • One advertisement, quarter-page size at no charge, included in the LCMS Bulletin per year. Your choice of month your ad will appear:
  • Advertisement thanking all Friends of Medicine will be placed in "The Bulletin" newsletter in the March and September issue.
  • One editorial of interest to physicians on your company services / products per year, up to 350 words.
  • Logo listed in the email newsletters that are sent out frequesntly by the LCMS. (Limited - two, per email).
  • One set of LCMS membership labels. Pictorial Directory
  • Placement on the Friends of Medicine page on the LCMS website, Includes logo, dedicated web page to your services and products and link to your website.
  • Your Logo Ads strategically placed ads throughout our website.
  • One-year Free Subscription to the Newsletter.
The LCMS encourages physicians to get together at social events to establish friendships and build communications that will help them in their practices. This is the perfect opportunity for sponsors to host a Summer Meet in Greet.
MEET & GREET: This event is a sponsor event, the sponsor provides a great location, food, wine & beer from 6:00-7:30 pm. The Medical Society will provide mailing labels, email blasts, and the mailing for the invitations.


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Questions about advertising or Friends in Medcine contract? Contact the Lee County Medical Society at or call 239-936-1645