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From my New Heart - Thank you!

Michael Przybyla - August 31st, 2013

Michael Przybyla

Dr. Stephen Laquis....and Staff First of all, thank you! Thank you for your medical and artistic expertise Doctor, thank you staff for the superb care and thank you all for the genuine smiles that I always get from you. It's very engaging and comforting to receive and experience that as a patient.

I have to share a story with you. This past February, I went to the emergency room as I wasn't feeling quite right. Fifty-two hours later I was in the operating room having open heart triple bypass surgery! Yikes! Thank god that I had Dr. Stapleton as my surgeon, as he is widely regarded as the best in Naples. That surgery started the process of finding a whole new team of health care providers for post-op and ongoing care to keep me healthy and on the right track.

Also, since I met my deductible and met my maximum payout, it was time to address any and all of my health issues. I found some great doctors, but, I also realized that patients spend more time interacting with the staff than we do with the doctors. Sadly, some great doctors have mediocre staffs and I actually "fired" three doctors because their staffs were horribly uncaring and a challenge to deal with. And one was the cardiologist who ran the test that saved my life!

Thankfully, you guys are different. Much different. You are at a whole new level. You care, you're friendly, you're professional and from what I see, you enjoy where you work because you're comfortable enough to have some fun. Congratulations! Your patients can see and sense that. We all know that Dr. Laquis is the best at what he does. His reputation is sterling. All of you contribute to that probably more than you realize. Healthcare is a challenging business. They come to us because they need our help. You do it right. Always keep that in mind. Always! From my (new) heart, thank you again for taking great care of me and making me feel that you care about my well being. You have my warm appreciation. My regards..... Michael PrzybylaDr.