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Having Hope

...And Following Doctors Orders

Cindy Ide

Being a senior is not always easy and sometimes we are not at our best especially facing cancer and nine melanomas.  We also realize it is not always easy dealing with us.  Handling over life threatening health problems to someone you just met is not, as I said before easy.  We were more than fortunate to meet two such physicians.

We met Michael Katin, M.D., Radiation Oncology, 21st Century Oncology, back in 2010 for a prostate cancer diagnosis...Cancer that scary word that rocks your world. Dr. Katin discussed our options, his knowledge, and compassion and for his phenomenal manner made our decision easier.  Dr Katin is phenomenal; he even called my husband on a Saturday to discuss the results of a test he just received, not wanting my husband to wait until Monday for the good news, how amazing.  Then we were faced with squamous cell carcinoma, who did we call? Dr Katin.  When we called Dr Katin's nurse she said come in immediately, Dr. Katin assessed the situation and placed a call to Dr Padja at Moffitt Hospital in Tampa and we had an appointment the next week.  Dr Katin also went with us to our then ENT doctor to see if the cancer was visible.  He has so much compassion for his patients, when you are in the room with Dr Katin he takes his time you are not a number but a person.  We feel blessed and grateful to be a patient of his.  Thank you!

David Ritter, M.D., FACS, Surgery, Oncology of Melanoma Center of Hope is a very caring surgeon.  Dr Ritter's office is not the norm, as soon as you step into his waiting room you know you are in a healing environment of the highest power.  From the receptionist to his wonderful nurse Teresa we knew we were in good hands.  Dr Ritter operated on my husband on two separate occasions for two different melanomas.  On one occasion he came in on his day off to operate.   Dr Ritter has called my husband at home and has always worked with us in a positive way he would tell us the facts but stress the positive like there is a 20% chance of you getting another melanoma but 80% chance that it will not come back.  Dr Ritter also facilitated an appointment with the Cutaneous Clinic at Moffitt in Tampa.  My husband   continues to be in Dr Ritter’s care for melanoma.  We feel grateful and blessed to have been in Dr Ritter’s care. Thank you!