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Hillsborough County Medical Society

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Phone #: 813-253-0471
Fax #: 813-253-3737
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Hillsborough County Medical Society

The Hillsborough County Medical Association, Inc., (HCMA) is an organization of over 1400 physicians and medical students dedicated to the health of our community. The HCMA is an entirely voluntary organization. Not all physicians in Hillsborough County are members.

 The Medical Association provides a number of valuable services. Many people must select a physician from an insurance carrier list. Call the HCMA and a staff member can give you information about our members, including education, special training, certification, and other items to help you make a selection.

 We also have a referral service of HCMA members in all specialties by geographic area, regardless of hospital affiliation. The referral service is free to the public. We receive approximately 30-40 calls per day for these two services alone.

 We wish you and yours the best of health.