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My Cataract Surgery - A Real Eye Opener

By Steve Goldstein

Steve Goldstein

I am currently a full time retired resident of Fort Myers and formerly a computer specialist from the Northern Virginia area. I recently spent more than 18 months buying stronger and stronger reading glasses and noticed substantial negative changes in my general eyesight not just in trying to read newspapers but also in trying to see a golf ball in flight or even a lob on the tennis court. Practically all aspects of my vision were becoming worse and frustration started setting in.

When I was informed that I was experiencing a quick deterioration of my vision due to advanced cataracts in both eyes, I started doing research about cataract surgery and interviewing a number of ophthalmologists in the Fort Myers area. I chose Dr. Trevor Elmquist to perform the surgery on both of my eyes and chose the option of replacing my natural (and deteriorating) eye lenses with mono vision implant lenses that would allow me to experience mid distance and long distance vision without the need for glasses. I was informed that I would require glasses for reading and other near distance activities.

The result of the surgeries on both eyes was nothing less than astounding. My eyes have been tested as 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. Colors as extraordinarily vivid and whites are bright white. I now see vivid detail such as individual pine needles on an evergreen tree from a distance. I can now follow both my own and my friends’ golf balls in the air and tennis lobs are no longer a problem. I can read books on my Kindle reader, can read menus even in a poorly lit restaurant and can read from my computer on my lap all without the use of glasses. The only daily activity that requires me to use glasses is reading the newspaper, which is a totally acceptable result and honestly a better result than I expected.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my cataract surgeries and thank Dr. Elmquist and his wonderful staff for their help and expertise.