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New Applicants as of August 21, 2020

Cathy A. Balogh, DO

Francesca Blazekovic, MD

Justin D. Burkholder, DO

Dana D. Crater, MD

Deidra Duncan, DO

Elizabeth M. Efthimiou, MD

Jeffrey R. Engorn, DO

Thomas Flynn, MD

Jenna E. De Francesco, MD

Shane T. Geffe, MD

Liliya Gerasymchuk, DO

Veronica K. Graversen, MD

Erin L. Greenberg, MD

Joseph Guernsey, MD

Daniel L.W. Hanley, MD

Ryan Harlacher, MD

Pierre Herard, MD

Steven J. Hintz, MD

William A. Hodge, MD

Zachary A. Hothem, DO

Sebastian T. Klisiewicz, DO

Scott V. Larson, MD

Stephan Levitt, MD

Eeka W. Marshall, MD

Yesenia A. Martinez Regalado, MD

Ioana Morariu, MD

Gerard Mulles, MD

Karla K. Noel, DO

Jose R. Orellana, MD

Margaret Oswiecimski, MD

Paul Oswiecimski, MD

Maximilian R. Padilla, MD

Aileen H. Padilla, DO

Barbara V. Parilla, MD

Natalia S. Partain, MD

Constantine E. Plakas, MD

David Rice, MD

Yasaira Rodriguez, MD

Jessica L. Rogers, DO

Mathieu Sabbagh, DO

Alice E. Shallcross, DO

Troy L. Shell-Masouras, MD

Shikha Shrestha, MD

John D. Stephens, MD

Dakin White, MD

Luke Wren, DO

Fia Yi, MD

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The Lee County Medical Society (LCMS) is an Organization Dedicated to the Health of our Community in Lee County, FL.

We are committed to providing the most caring, modern and efficient health care system available, offering over 800 active dedicated physician members ready to respond to your health care needs. Our motto of Physicians Caring for Our Community is shared by all our members.

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