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Annual Medical Service Awards Nomination Form

Please e-mail (preferred) or simply mail the completed form by May 15th of each year to the Lee County Medical Society (LCMS) at the address listed at the end of this form. Pertinent supplemental materials may be appended. All nominees must be US citizens and legal residents of Lee County. Nominees do not need to be members of the LCMS. Anybody can nominate! For Physician nominations, they must have practiced in the past or still have their practice located within Lee County.

Remember the deadline for submission is May 15th of each year. Any nominations presented after the deadline will not be accepted and will have to be re-submitted to be considered for the following year.

Physician Award Categories:

Citizenship and Community Service Award
For outstanding leadership and/or public service above and beyond the call of duty as a practicing physician. This can include service within the local community or abroad, such as, but not limited to, contributions to international aid missions or other pro bono work.

Scientific Achievement Award
This award is given in recognition of outstanding work in the areas of scientific medical research. This will include both basic science and clinical research. Work done while residing within the county will be emphasized although previous research outside of the region will be considered.

Health Education Award
This award will recognize the professional or public health education activities of a physician. This may include those exemplary physicians who educate other physicians and health care workers. Physicians involved in non-promotional community service education will also be considered.

Leadership and Professionalism Award
This award will underscore the County Medical Society’s continuing dedication to the principles of medicine and the highest
standards of medical practice. The ideal candidate for the award would:

  1. Have distinguished himself/herself as a leader in medicine within our community or beyond.
  2. Have made an outstanding contribution through active service in the medical community, improving the profession’s effectiveness, upholding the practice of medicine through advocacy of policies, provision and/or the organization of services, and/or scholarly writings that demonstrate effective leadership and professionalism.

Rising Physician Award
This award is for the physician who is in the first 10 years of their professional career. They exemplify leadership and are a role model for others. This physician exhibits dedication to the healthcare industry and to the Lee County community. They show promise in making further contributions to the medical field.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Nominees should have contributed substantially to the goals and ideals of the medical profession. The nominees' contributions shall have been sustained and substantial over a significant term of service in the respective County.

In Memory of an Outstanding Physician Award
In memory of an outstanding physician for substantial contributions to our medical community. This may include, but not necessarily be limited to, lasting and significant achievements in the areas of community service, scientific or clinical research, medical education, leadership, medical ethics or professionalism. Nominee must have practiced or worked in Lee County.

Non-Physician Award Categories:

Non-Physician Appreciation Award (i.e., nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants
and other medical staff)

For exemplary and a lasting impact to medicine above and beyond the call of duty, as a (non-physician) member of the medical

Distinguished Layperson’s Service Award (i.e., medical support staff, medical administration and medical education)
This award shall be made to an individual who has contributed to the achievement of the ideals of medicine through the advancement of medicine, medical science, medical research, medical education or medical care. This award includes those who support the medical profession through the delivery of medicine or medical research/education but are not themselves physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or other medical staff


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