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As of May 31, 2018 The Following Entities Are The Only Ones Currently Approved To Give This Course:

Florida Medical Association 


Florida Academy of Family Physicians 


Florida College of Emergency Physicians 


Florida Osteopathic Medical Association 


You can also go to the Board of Medicine website for additional information:



What you need to know about the new Law

The bill was signed into law in April 2018 and will go into effect on July 1, 2018. It was created in response to the rising number of opioid-related deaths in Florida. The law is intended to reduce the amount of opioid prescriptions in Florida while using state dollars to fund addiction recovery and treatment programs.

*(NOTE) these are highlights of the new law, and are not intended to constitue legal advice. Read the full bill at https://bit.ly/2J2nkrU


      * Applies to all acute pain Schedule II opioid


* Does not apply to:

 - Pain related to cancer

 - Terminal conditions

 - Palliative care

 - Certain severe traumas

* 7 day supply allowed if:

 - Script includes "Acute Pain Exception"

 - Reason for exception documented on chart

* No limit for chronic pain patients, but you must

add "Nonacute Pain" to the script and maintain

patient data including:

 - Complete medical record

 - Controlled Substances Agreement

 - Driver's License


*The E-FORCE state Prescription Drug

Monitoring Program (PDMP) must be accessed

  for every Schedule II-V prescriptions.

 -  Only exception is Schedule V non-opioid

*PDMP may be accessed by designated staff

  with individual login.

*If the PDMP is down at the time of the script,

you must document the script, time and reason

you are unable to access.


All physicians with a Florida Medical License and

 DEA License must complete a two-hour mandatory

 CME course before January 31, 2019.

* CME must be completed for each subsequent 

license renewal.

* By law, the CME course is only accessible from

 certain state-wide medical societies.

* The FMA and FOMA will offer online courses

 at a discount or free to FMA/FOMA Members.

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